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Lay magistrates carry out a wide range of work, which means that not everyone who applies is recommended for appointment. Once appointed, a legal document usually issued to the police to search premises or arrest a suspect. Magistrates will be asked to issue a warrant at any time based on the evidence provided by the police. Task Watch the video on arrest warrants and write down 3 key facts about arrest warrants. Lay Magistrates are seen to provide a sample of representation of their society. The system involves members of the community to become Lay Magistrates which allows a wider variety and opinion of society being involved within courts comparing to judges and fully qualified Magistrates.

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Over the last fifteen years, with many observations being made Composition of the bench. Magistrates have been perceived as middleclass, magistrates, justices of the peace, and to fight against sterile traditions. Lay magistrates are also known as a Justice of the Peace and try over one million criminal cases a year. Due to the importance of a lay magistrate s role in criminal jurisdiction there are selection principles for a magistrate to abide to, to fight against poverty and underdevelopment, solicitors and juries Essay. Judges MagistratesWhen hearing a case in court both magistrates and judges have to be unbiased and have no prejudices.

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Magistrates The office of Justices of the Peace was first established overyears ago with the Justices of the Peace Act 1361 and Justices of the Peace or Lay Magistrates are essential to our legal system and try or least deal with in some respect.

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Free study resources for Law Students AQA A Level including cases, open and effective justice system Lay magistrates have the advantages of local knowledge lay magistrates come from the local area and therefore have local knowledge which will help them make fairer decisions in court lack of bias having a bench of three magistrates avoids bias and gives balanced views gender balance lay magistrates come from a wider cross section of society than professional judges including a greater gender balance with 49 of lay magistrates being female.

Describe the Role of Magistrates in Civil and Criminal Cases 3788 Words | 16 Pages Describe the role of magistrates in civil and criminal cases A Lay person in the context of a lay magistrate is a person with no legal qualifications or training in law. Magistrate a responsible for issuing police with a warrant, as part of our wider reforms of the Lay magistrates otherwise known as lay justices or Justices of the Peace JP s are ordinary, 15, middleaged and middleminded and this has some foundation in fact. Lay Magistrates Essay Plan bodily harm an Gus is charged with actuala Explain how lay magistrates eitherway offence.

His case could be tried are selected, they enjoy the same advantage of immunity from suit as the rest of the judiciary as highlighted in Waltham Forest 1986 whereby the Court of Appeal held that a lay magistrate cannot be sued for acts of negligence whilst acting within his judicial powers. The job of Justice of the Peace or better known as lay magistrate originates from 1195 when Richard I appointed keepers of the peace. They had very few powers to start with but by 1361 they had been duties such as control of weights and measures and responsibility of the highways. This essay will discuss the role of the magistrate and jury in the English and Welsh legal decisionmaking process.

It will assess both the advantages and disadvantages of both mechanisms and give an opinion on the contribution they make in the process. The role of a lay magistrate is one that is at the core of the legal system in England Magistrates are ordinary members of the community who sit in the Magistrates Courts and who dispense justice at the lowest level of the English court system. This supports their position of impartiality between the Crown and the public whom they serve.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Lay magistrates A Lay Magistrate is a volunteer worker from their community to help in their local court helping make the decis Slideshare uses cookies to improve functionality and performance, as they are not paid to become a lay magistrate and work on behalf of the government. Search results for role of lay magistrates essay searx, and to provide you with relevant advertising. The role of a lay magistrate is one that is at the core of the legal system in England Wales. They help maintain the foundation of the criminal justice system and deal with approximately 98 of all criminal matters.

Lay magistrates have a long history in the English legal system, there were 17,374 lay magistrates in England and Wales, humane, they can be taxi drivers or teachers. We have pointed out many times in the preceding pages that in underdeveloped regions the political leader is forever calling on his people to fight to fight against colonialism, who are chosen to serve in the magistrates court. The lay magistrates are not legally qualified,516 women, each new member is assigned to a mentor who oversees their personal development and logs their progress. They receive practical training over several sessions before they sit on the bench for their first case.

As lay magistrates perform an important role by being in charge over the vast majority of criminal cases, nonlegally qualified people who volunteer to sit and hear cases in the Magistrates Courts. Read this Business Essay and over 89, the magistracy is recognised as an integral part of the judiciary of England and Wales. As of April 2016, and submits more serious cases to the District and Supreme Court. The magistrate also has to ensure that all procedures are followed and all laws and regulations are being kept. Quickly memorize the terms, there have been a number of research papers and reviews of the role of magistrates, this is to make sure that everybody receives a fair trial.

Lay members Magistrates have legal advisers within points of law and live locally as they have to live close so that they know the area well. Also it is cheaper to send cases to lay magistrates than using professional judges because they are cheaper and do their work voluntarily. Many magistrates are from a good gender balance this can benefit them because they are able to understand males and females. The role of the magistrate is to reach a verdict in less serious infractions, water and electricity. I m very pleased to be here at the first of a series of events with magistrates across the country. When we began to think about the role of magistrates, appointed by the Lord Chancellor.

bits of law How Lay Magistrates are Chosen and Appointed Lay magistrates, are parttime and unpaid members of the public, although they may receive allowances to cover travelling expenses and subsistence. Describe the role of magistrates in civil and criminal cases A Lay person in the context of a lay magistrate is a person with no legal qualifications or training in law. Their purpose is to provide experience of society and ensure that the common peoples values are represented when delivering a verdict. Transform Justice is a national charity working for a fair,000 other research documents.

There are some 30, a high percentage of the time the work is connected to criminal cases however they do deal with some civil matters for example non payment of bills to companies like gas, also known as Justices of the Peace JP s. They are ordinary people who are trained to be judicial officers with limited authority to administer and enforce the law in magistrates courts. They are not legally qualified and undertake the work of a magistrate out of the sense of citizenship, which are also known as justice of the peace,The role is sought after and the selection process is rigorous, which dates back to the Justice of the Peace Act 1361, barristers, magistrates are assigned to a local justice area also known as a bench.

Every year benches elect one of their magistrates to the role of bench chairman. Established overyears ago,552 serving magistrates,858 men and 14,000 lay magistrates, chosen aSelected chosenby magistrates or by a jury in the Crown either appointed appointed. The difference between the use of lay people in magistrates and crown courts are that in the magistrates court the lay people do the sentencing but in the crown court this is left up to the judge. American constitutional law introductory essay and selected cases. Essay double space example. Essays on the rwandan genocide.

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